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广西福彩网Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.established in 2006.She is known as a hi-tech company with measurement instruments, meters, relevant industrial equipments' technology development, production and sale together.

Rek believes that technological innovation is an important source to promote enterprise development.
Our company is actively deepening the development of core technology, pays attention to innovation and sense of security and new features of the products, continuously improving the product to meet the increasing market demand for products' quality.

Concerns and improve the management level and products' quality is an important strategy.Rek has established a set of comprehensive and efficient quality management system, the company both in product development, production, or marketing and customer service can effectively respond to market demands and changes .

Rek products have been exported to the U.S.A,Canada,Australia,South Korea,India,Indonesia,Egypt,Saudi,Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.More well-know enterprise have been paid more attention to our company because we have exploited markets both in China and abroad constantly. Our company develops steadily and quickly through all the workers hard work.

Rek will provide more professional products and best service for our customers, and create largest valve for you.


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